Depression and Anxiety (the cart)

the cart propels itself down hill uncontrollably while we hold on for dear life on our " baggage joy ride"

Pain and Suffering

"Pain will always be a part of life, but can we argue that we do not have to suffer?"

What I’ve Learned In a Year of Being Vegan

...That did it for me, I went vegan over night! There have been a few times I unknowingly...

Responsibility of Accepting Self

We are worthy of respect, love and acceptance.


We can not know for certain the number of days we have left...


"Calling a break productive may seem odd to some of us. You would think the more you are thinking and doing the more "productive" you are. But there are times our minds need to turn off and reboot."

Little Spaces

I often fantasize of packing everything into a camper van and hitting the road! This does require a lot of planning but if you never start you’ll never get there right?

Letting Go of Control

Understanding the meaning of "letting things go," is much easier than putting it into practice.

Self Acceptance

By placing ourselves under a perceived expectation from others, we begin a maddening never ending search for approval...Pairing this with loving ourselves leads to a peaceful place of self acceptance.