Pain and Suffering

Pain will always be a part of life, but can we argue that we do not have to suffer? Dwelling on the pain in our lives whether it be past or present breeds suffering in our souls. We have a choice to let the pain we feel haunt us or we can choose to accept that it hurt, pick ourselves up, and carry on. This does not mean the pain we experienced doesn’t have an impact on our lives nor does it mean we shouldn’t address the painful situation. It is healthy at times to remember and deal with it but to live in suffering is something that could destroy us.
There is such great hurt in the world it is impossible to live life pain free. Some people live in constant torture and oppression, yet there are stories of how they kept their spirits high. It is so easy to slip into the mucky darkness of our own stories. But we have the power to choose whether we want to stay there or let the light in. When we choose to be in this moment today we can begin to collect ourselves. Check yourself in this moment. Are you okay? A lot of the time we find we are but if the answer is no what then do you need to become okay? If you don’t know, seek help to find how you can become okay.
Letting go of our hurts is difficult but if we let resentment fester we will forever be in suffering over our past. Holding onto the pain of the past effects our future. Things come up in life that remind us of past pain and we begin to ache. We can not control what we may see, hear, touch or even smell and taste that may remind us of something painful. We can however become aware of the feeling, to acknowledge the thoughts and come to accept that it happened and we could not control it. This thought process allows us to let go of the toxic mind gunk that keeps us in suffering.
Putting on our positive pants seems impossible some days. But have faith that you can do it. You are worth the fight to keep your spirits up and your head held high. Whether you are in a loveless relationship, have been physically violated, have disabilities or experience horrible emotional abuse you can come to a place of peace. Healing must start with you.

A note to those in abusive relationships:

If you are in an abusive relationship staying is only making life darker for you. You are not responsible for what has happened or is happening to you but you are responsible for your own safety. You have the power to get help to change your situation. You deserve a happy peaceful life. This is true whether you are a child or an adult. As a child you rely on adults to care for you but if you are being abused, waiting and hoping for someone to rescue you will not keep you safe. People can not help you if they don’t know what is wrong. It is up to you to say something. Do not worry about the trouble it may cause you or anyone around you, just blurt it out. The sooner you take action the sooner you can begin your healing process. If you are an adult you usually have the resources or know someone who does to get away and find help. You are not being selfish and it is not wrong for you to want a better life. Abuse is never okay you are not being strong for enduring it or being humble and meek. You deserve to have peace in your life.

Keep hope in your heart and peace in your mind
Wishing happiness to you all.

Here are some links and phone numbers to different abuse hotlines please do what you can to help yourself to a better life.
Abuse hotline (they also have online chatting Monday – Friday )
Phone Number: 1-800-799-7233 -or- 1-800-787-3224 (TTY)

RAINN strands for Rape Abuse Incest National Network. They also have online chat. Everything is anonymous.
Phone Number: 1 (800) 656-HOPE (same number as) 1 (800) 656-4673

National Disability Abuse and Neglect Hotline
Phone Number: 1 (800) 880-052

This link is for both the non- offender and the offender it deals primarily with child sex offenders and has tips for parents as well as contact information to get help for the offender(s)
Support Hotline Phone Number: (330) 434-9144

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