What I’ve Learned In a Year of Being Vegan

Hello again!  I do enjoy posting little snippets of my life here every so often.  I live in an area where some of my life style choices are a bit “odd”.  Though I think it should be the other way around!  I have been vegan now for a year and a half and I have learned so much!  I have shared my meals with relatives and friends, who they often can’t believe no animal products were used *SuCceSs*!  I’ve seen interest from some family members to look into this peaceful way of living but, none have made the connection yet.  So this is a good outlet for me to talk about it and hopefully connect with some of you!

Before I became vegan, I was lifting at the gym 6 days a week, 2.5+ hrs a day.  I was always sore, tired and my stomach was very “tight”, like I was constantly bloated.  I was searching for another way to live healthy without having to spend all morning or evening in the gym.  That’s when I came across vegetarianism which quickly lead to veganism, which then brought me to a video that Paul McCartney did with PETA called “If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls“.  That did it for me, I went vegan over night!  There have been a few times I unknowingly had dairy, didn’t want to make a fuss at a restaurant about it or thought it would help me when I was sick.  I learned from those mistakes and I know I will probably make more as I go but the point is actively working on cutting out animal products from my life.  From the food I eat to the makeup I wear, I do not want my money to support such cruelty.  I can honestly say I do not miss eating meat whatsoever!  I do however crave cheese when I am sick, I have no idea what that’s about but I do.  I use vegan substitutes when they are available.  I have made some wonderful flavorful meals and some not so great ones (like throw in the trash kinds) but that comes with any form of cooking!  I’d like to share a few things I’ve learned from being vegan for a little over a year! Here goes.


  1. More Variety!

Before I went vegan my food options were more limited than they are now, if you can believe it!  I used to put a hunk of meat on my plate some potatoes or corn, green beans maybe and some apple sauce or rice.  Oh and gravy (don’t forget the gravy!).  It was super salty of course and little did I know also very very fatty.  Now I eat all sorts of vegetables with flavor galore!  I’ve never before eating in such variety!  I enjoy so many different kinds of foods now instead of the limiting slab of meet and whatever vegetable (singular!) I had on hand.


2. I’ve Learned to Cook!

I used to cook most of my and my husbands food.  But it was always the same, bake the meat, fry the meat, grill the meat, salt, pepper and other seasonings heat the vegetables from a can on the stove or in the microwave.  When I started eating a vegan diet I followed recipes I never would have thought to look up before.  I learned how to make my own sauces and marinades,  I can properly sauté all sorts of vegetables from a jewish couscous dish to an asian style fried rice.  These meals are often a lot healthier too!


Oh the flavor!  I can’t even with the flavor right now!  Picking good quality vegetables and eating them raw or cooking them with other foods to bring out the best flavors in each, is a mouth full of awesome!  Because I had to learn to cook with a large variety of vegetables in one meal, each bite is full of an array of fresh delightful ingredients.

4. I FEEL good!

I actually feel good after I eat!  That was a rarity for me.  I always always always felt heavy and bloated for hours after I would eat animals or their secretions (ugh typing that almost made me sick!).  I felt lousy most of the time.  But I didn’t realize how bad I was feeling until I felt my body on a vegan diet!  Within about 3 to 4 days I was energized and didn’t need coffee anymore!

5. Faster Recovery Time!

I noticed after a heavy lifting day I was recovering a lot faster than before.  I eat mostly fruit in the mornings for breakfast, sometimes with oatmeal.  Having more nutrient dense foods I believe, is what helped my muscles heal faster!

6. Respect for ALL Living Being

I learned so much about the intelligence, wants and needs of other creatures.  Traditionally domesticated pets are well accepted as intelligent but I had no idea that some “farm” animals such as pigs were more intelligent than dogs!  Not that intelligence should be the deciding factor in whether a creature should be breed and slaughtered for our consumption.  Intelligence and understanding the pain they feel is very real.  They have wants and needs that I will respect.

I know I’ve learned more than 6 things but, we’d be here all day if I listed everything!  And I am still learning more!  Have you thought about going plant base or vegan?  Are you currently and would like to share your mistakes/successes?  Comment lets chat!!


Peace and happiness to you!




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