Many of us set our focus on the tasks of the day when we wake up or even before we go to bed. This can be troublesome, very exciting or indifferent depending on our expectations. We can not know for certain the number of days we have left or what they will bring. We can surmise of the problems we might face or the gifts we may receive. Even if we dwell on receiving good things we might be disappointed when we don’t get them. These expectations we have, good or bad, are focused on the future.
Living life right now in the moment you are given, takes the worry of the future and puts it in its place. Hanging onto an ideal of how the future should be can stress us out. We can either waste the day away being upset about how it didn’t turn out or we can embrace the moment for what it is. Easing up on our expectations, whether they are realistic or not, gives space for spontaneity and a peaceful mind. We have no control over the day, much like we have no control over mother nature.  The car might break down, a surprise trip may be waiting for us, life’s changes happen so rapidly it helps to taking a second, to breath it in and let it be what it is. Not having to come up with a solution right then, letting the moment be the moment. For in a little while it changes and a new moment is presented.
We can choose to bask in the day’s beauty, truly making the most of it moment by moment. By listening, quieting our minds and through being honest, open-minded and willing we will achieve serenity. We do not need to have all the answers to life’s lessons today…that is why they are called life lessons. Be easy on yourself and know that every day you are alive is a day to celebrate! It’s one more day to learn, one more day to love, one more day to be grateful and free. Living day by day waking up saying “I’m thankful for the air in my lungs and the new day that has begun” takes us to a place of joy. What a fantastic way to start the day. We need not worry, life will work itself out. We do not need to have the worries of the future bearing down on our shoulders.
Not knowing what will be, is scary for some.  Through learning to let go of control and expectations we become more at ease with the idea of letting life happen. Day by day we never know for sure what we will run into. But by giving our full attention to the moment at hand we could achieve the unimaginable. Focusing ourselves on the “right now” helps us to see clearly what is needed for that moment. So instead of worrying about the next few hours take in what is happening right now.  Take this moment, you are reading this blog, how do you feel? Tense, free, lively, are you breathing easy? Take in your surroundings. Are you sitting in a chair? How does it feel? What is the texture like? What is the temperature like in the room? Hot, cool, warm, comfortable? How do your hands feel? Dry, wet, cold, smooth, sore? Are you alright? Just breath, moments are moments, by their very nature they will pass. We truly can make of them what we will when our attitude and focus is clear. Keep working on you, keep your focus on you. You are very special. Believe that first and the world will follow suit. Let today be what it wishes to be. A little treat to yourself, keep your sight open and searching for the beauty or you may miss it. It is always there. In our darkest hours there is hope. Keep reaching, keep searching it will come to you. Safe travels on your journey, today is an important day for relaxing, for hard work, for whatever is presented to you in these moments.

Sending peace to you today

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