Calling a break productive may seem odd to some of us.  You would think the more you are thinking and doing the more “productive” you are.  But there are times our minds need to turn off and reboot.  Our minds like our bodies need rest not just while we sleep but through out the day.  Taking 5 or 10 minutes (20 is wonderful) to relax, breath and allow our minds to flow through thoughts letting them come and go freely could bring a clear solution revealing itself to you.

      Life’s happenings can become so mind boggling at times we forget to stop and smell the roses.  We can run ourselves into the ground thinking about the crises on our plate.  It’s okay to take a step back and allow ourselves free time.  We get tuckered out sending our minds on a day long marathon of problem solving, when in reality all we may need is to take a time-out.  Taking a leisurely walk, playing games or watching clouds pass by while lying in the grass are all wonderful things we can do for our sanity’s sake.

      When we take time out to have fun and live our lives, we come back refreshed, having a “second wind”.  This works well with anything in life.  Whether it be in your personal or professional life.  Taking time away from a situation so you can breathe and live your life, helps put things in prospective.  You could be a Writer, a Mechanic, a Salesman, or a Doctor and this could help you.  Allowing yourself that precious free time brings peace.  Sometimes having a quiet time brings you the answers you were searching for all along.  The trick is to let the crisis go for a moment.  Do not dwell on it for a period of time, just allow yourself to take a break.

      Allowing ourselves to be lighthearted, is beneficial to our health and well-being.  When we pluck away at a problem day in and day out, we become so obsessed over fixing it we forget what is really important in life.  Many times by doing this our overly engrossed attention blinds us from a solution.  This thinking wears us out and we becoming aggravated.  We have no need for guilt or feelings of failure when we come to understand that it is equally important to relax as it is to be busy.  Allowing quiet time brings a peaceful perspective in realizing the problem isn’t so big after all.

        Changing our prospective so we can get in the head space where we can relax freely, can be difficult for some.  Keep trying you will find your path to peace.  It may take time but if you are seeking you will find.  Being grateful helps put our minds at ease, reminding us our problems may be big but we are alive and we are capable of survival.  Remembering to laugh and not take ourselves too seriously, reminds us that there is more to live for, than fixing all of life’s problems.

Live in peace and happiness today

What were your thoughts on this weeks post?

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