Little Spaces

I woke up this morning with plans to color my little sisters hair so she could get ready for an interview.  We were lightening her hair from being a rather dark color with red hues to a cool blonde.  For those who don’t know much of the science of hair color this is very difficult.  We got it light enough but are still battling the orange/yellow colors that come from lifting.  So we will try another day to finish the process (we’re SO close!).  I just hope her interviewer understands :s

Well that was my morning, in the afternoon I didn’t have much planned since I wasn’t sure how long the hair session would take.  I began to clean out my dresser and closet.  I threw away so many old clothes and a few pairs of shoes.  I do this from time to time when I notice I no longer ever see the bottom of my dresser drawers.  I have longed to only have enough clothes to fit in a medium to small duffle bag.  I am not quite there but it is a process.  I currently work three jobs and each job requires a different dress code.  I have a dog grooming business I work at two to three days a week, which calls for yoga pants and t-shirts.  I work in insurance for 30+ hours a week so slacks and dress shirts.  And I am a musician which takes about 20 hours a week, I often take some items from my office attire for my stage outfits but not many.  Then there’s blogging, which heck I could be naked and no one would be the wiser.  So technically that’s four.  When I am at home I dress very down usually jeans and a flannel or a t-shirt and hoodie.  I had so many items of clothes it was getting ridiculous!  Most of them were worn out, had holes, didn’t quite fit, were out of style or I just flat out didn’t like them but would wear them anyway.

So today, I took all the items I knew I didn’t wear anymore and put them in a pile, I did this from my nice dresses clear down to my socks and underwear.  I threw out the items that were too worn out to give away and decided I would put all the rest that I didn’t like, didn’t have any shoes or bottoms/tops for and put them in a bag.  I will keep them for three maybe six months and if by that time I haven’t gotten into the bags to retrieve anything, I will put them in a garage sale when it warms up!

I really want to size down all my clothes into five to seven quality outfits.  The plan is to eventually only have one or two jobs that don’t require such opposing attire, this will help tremendously.  I often fantasize of packing everything into a camper van and hitting the road!  This does require a lot of planning but if you never start you’ll never get there right?  I will admit theres been many times I got a little too eager to throw some things away and months later wished I wouldn’t have.  But, I survived!  I threw out a lot of kitchen appliances and baking pans, cups, bowls, plates etc.  But as long as we do our daily chores we don’t need as much!  It will take quite a bit of time to pair everything down and it will be a never ending process.  But I didn’t collect all this stuff in one night!  It’s been accumulating over years and years.  People give us things they don’t want, we buy things we think we need and so on.  I’ve finally asked family and friends not to buy us any more stuff.

We used to live in a small home (not a tiny house) of 500 square feet.  We were renting and it was too small for us.  Now, I am a believer in tiny houses and we have many ideas of how to move into one but we need a space for our work.  We play music and need a practice space of at least 15×10 any smaller and we practically hit each other with our guitars.  We’re trying to come up with a solution to this.  If we could build a separate structure for our music space, where we can record our videos, practice, record audio and work on our instruments that would be ideal.  In our home we have 1,400 sq. ft. most of which is taken up by our music and my insurance business.  We use the living room, bathroom, bedroom and the kitchen.  The rest of the space is offices and practice space.

When we were living in our 500 sq. ft. rental home my insurance office was in the corner of the kitchen and it was a sight!  Piles and piles of brochures I had to take to meetings of 3-100+ employees, endless forms and papers, honestly too much to list!  They have since changed most of this to be paperless, but there is still too much physical paperwork!  I had an entire book case floor to ceiling filled with the stuff and more piles on the floor after that!  It felt terrible seeing it on a Saturday morning.

Meanwhile in our “bedroom” our music space took over, we ended up sleeping on a pull out couch in the living room (my suggestion) and it wreaked havoc on our backs.  Not to mention those “beds” are not designed to be set up and torn down on a daily basis, it ended up breaking right before we moved.  It wasn’t all bad, we learned a lot from the experience and when we decide to move into a tiny house or even camper van, we will have a better idea of what our needs are.  One rule will be to have our work outside of the home, unless it’s work we can do on a computer.  But as far as music goes, we’ve learned we really need the practice space.

So for today I can clean out my closet, throw out old worn down things, stuff that just takes up space and really ask myself…”is this something I NEED?” If not, it has no place in my life!  That’s it for me just a little slice of my life 🙂  Have you successfully minimized your things and kept the junk out?  Leave a comment with your story, I’d love to hear how you did it!

Blessings to you!

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